3M Perfect-it Fast Cut Plus Extreme 51815 (1kg)

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3M™ Perfect-It™ Fast Cut Plus Extreme is a fast cutting abrasive liquid compound designed to quickly remove sanding scratches after flatting or denibbing process and obtains high gloss on both fresh or aged car paint. Use with a rotary or orbital polisher. Our 3M™ Perfect-It™ Fast Cut Plus Extreme is one of the latest generation of award-winning colour coded compounds, designed for all kinds of paint rectification or restoration work, such as oxidation, surface scratches, car wash scratches, etc. Achieves a superior gloss finish.

  •  Exceptional fast cut-rate performance
  • 20% to 25% less product required than standard Fast Cut + / XL to polish the same area.
  • Get a superior high gloss finish
  • Remove overspray

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