Car Sound Deadening Pads 530mm x 190mm x 2mm SELF ADHESIVE (10 pack)

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Car/Van Self Adhesive Bitumen Sound-Deadening Proofing Pads 

x10 (530mm x 190mm x 2mm) Smooth Sheets

  • 10 pads per box. Each Pad 530mm x 190mm x 2mm
  • Can be used on any vehicle to dampen sound and prevent panels drumming.
  • Can be moulded to any contour by heating gently with a hot air gun or hair drier.
  • Can also be overpainted with all automotive refinishing systems.
  • Can also be overpainted with all automotive refinishing systems.

Sound deadening pad 530 X 190mm (BOX OF 10) dampening panels for sound deadening on vehicle floor pans and inside doors. The material conforms to body panel shapes when heated with a hot-air blower. Flows into ribbings and corners. Ideal for interior and undercarriage. This material eliminates vibrations, reduces general noise and rattle of the vehicle allowing for higher comfort.

      • Flexible when heated and easy to apply.
      • Extremely malleable.
      • Perfect for all interiors and undercarriages.
      • Very strong and long lasting when applied properly.
    • Properly clean, dry and degrease the prospective surface. Sound deadening won´t adhere properly and may not last long if applied to wet or dirty surface. Use a degreaser and dry, use a clean rag for this purpose.
    • Wear gloves and air the room from time to time during the work.
    • Quick tip is to first make a template of appropriate size on paper and then transfer it to deadening mat.
    • Use a stationary knife or construction scissors to cut a desired shape and size for easier cutting.
    • When removing the protective paper, do it gradually to acheive the best adhesion and precision.
    • Flatten the sheet with your hands or a rolling tool to avoid air bubbles between a mat and metal surface.
    • Special dimples-like foil embossing on a mat surface allows to see the spots that need more pressure. You´d have to roll it down till the foil texture becomes smooth and plain which means that it´s installed correctly.

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