HB Body 802 Blend + Prep Paste 300g

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A waterborne paste used for lightly sanding old paintwork prior to painting, providing adhesion for the new coat of paint. Silicone and ammonia free. It can be used in place of the usual wet or dry sanding paper. It is applied with wet sponge or non woven pad.
  • High performance waterborne sanding paste, silicone and ammonia free.
  • Used for lightly sanding at hard-to-reach areas, providing adhesion for the new coat of paint and for preparing areas for blending.
  • Also used for cleaning mold release agents and abrading plastic bumpers.
  • It can replace the usual wet or dry sanding paper.Clean substrate using a soft cloth and 770 ANTISIL NORMAL / 771 ANTISIL FAST DEGREASER
    Make sure the surfce is first wiped dry then air dried.Make sure you always use appropriate face protection and good ventilation.
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