100 Plastic Mixing Cups + 100 Paint Strainers + 50 Tack Cloths

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Large Starchem Paint Mixing Bundle: 100 x Plastic Paint Mixing Cups + 100 x Paint Strainers + 50 Tack Cloths Starchem 600ml Plastic Paint Mixing Cup Easy to use, disposable mixing cups which are made from solvent resistant clear polypropylene. Clear 0-600ml valumetric scale on the side of the cup for more precise measurements. Additional accurate graduations for adding thinners, hardeners etc. Flat base inside cup for easy stirring Lids available to keep the product clean and last longer Premium Starchem Paint Strainers Pack of 100 Fine Mesh Filters 190 Microns Premium 190 Micron Fine Nylon Mesh Paint Strainers The paper has a high resistance to solvents and water They are suitable for solvent and water based paints The filter extends to the tip of the strainer, so all paint is filtered Starchem Tack Cloth Rag Dispenser - sticky dust removal TD-50 Pack of 50 Description: Removes any dust particles left on wood or metal prior to painting. Used for the removal of fine dust and debris. These are the same cloths used for production in car plants. Heavily used in the asbestos removal process. Features: Genuine high-quality Starchem Tack Rags. Each rag is individually wrapped. Tacky so make sure they pick up everything loose from a surface. The name behind pre-paint and priming preparation in dozens of countries.

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