ProWorx Plex Plastic Repair Car Bumper Body Filler 0.6L

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ProWorx Plex 0.6L Plex Flexible Plastic Filler


If flexibility in a repair is what you need then ProWorx Plex Plastic Filler is the key.

This industry targeted product is designed for application on all forms of plastic repairs.

Plex is a flexible and highly versatile plastic filler repair product with an outstanding degree of adhesion to all modern automotive plastic types. 

The formulation of Plex Plastic Filler allows for great spreading and shaping, which leads to a smoother repair finish.

Plex Plastic Repair Body Filler also boasts easy sanding attributes allowing for quick turn-around time on repairs.

This fast cure and sanding time properties culminates in a quick repair finish which is ready for most proprietary paint systems.

This product delivers professional and dependable results.

Its flexible repair qualities allow for an element of torsion to repair zones, which is a highly necessary and effective quality when it comes to carrying out repairs on car elements, such as bumpers or mouldings - where regular flexing can occur. 

Plex Plastic Filler from ProWorx comes in a handy 0.6L package.

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