ProWorx Silk Glaze Stopper Care Body Filler 0.6L Pouch

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ProWorx® Silk Glaze Body Finishing Filler Putty 0.6L With Hardener & Spreader
Looking for the perfect finish? Silk Glaze Body Filler Putty is our premium finishing grade glaze putty filler, ideal for flawless results!
This product is perfect for small imperfections and final skim coats used in the levelling of larger repairs due to its brilliant flow-like nature, which is ideal for a flawless smooth application.
The formula provides excellent adhesion and has fantastic sanding qualities, and its composition promotes an ideal finish surface.
Such attributes also make this filler a perfect choice for small repairs and blemishes as the finish surface can be achieved with just a light grain sandpaper allowing the repair to move directly to the paint preparation stage.
ProWorx® Silk Glaze Body Filler Putty has excellent consistency qualities and can be easily spread onto the repair area and is ideal for filling and levelling final repair skims.
These qualities deliver a perfect substrate from which to begin a flawless paint process and result in a professional grade repair finish.
Silk Glaze Body Filler Putty is available in a handy 0.6L tin and is now also available in a versatile and user-friendly 0.6L pouch.

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised steel
  • Glass fibre (GRP including SMC)
It provides excellent adhesion and is very easy to sand once cured.

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