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1KW High Performance Infrared Paint Curing Lamp.

The REISSLER REIR1000 short wave infrared paint curing lamp is ideal for all professional and small to medium repairs (SMART).

The REISSLER REIR1000 will increase productivity with faster curing. It is energy efficient with running costs as little as 15 pence per hour (may change due to different costs from energy supplier). This curing method is environmentally friendly and can help reduce your energy costs and speed up the paint curing process.

The REISSLER REIR1000 is built using high quality materials and is engineered using German technology. The rugged design of the REISSLER HBIR1000 is designed to perform well in the busiest of body shops whilst offering an affordable option to smaller bodyshops.

The REISSLER REIR1000 is designed to improve the curing speed of spot repairs, adhesive stripe removal, filler, primer, paint and lacquer. It can also be used to pre-heat substrates to assist the curing process prior to painting.



Curing area
800mm x 450mm apx.

Adjustable timer of 0 – 60 minutes.

Basecoat curing can be achieved in as little as 5 minutes.

Low power usage and fast curing gives the bodyshop reduced energy cost and fast throughput.

High specification
German design to give durable strong frame to give many years use.

Quality assured
This product is guaranteed with a 12 months warranty. The REISSLER HBIR1000 is CE certified.

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