Jet X 5500 Spray Gun HVLP - I nozzle (1.3mm)

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  • SATAjet X 5500 Spray Gun type I, is the newest HVLP spray gun of SATA with I nozzle. 5500 RP SATAjet is a HVLP paint spray gun that achieves particularly high transfer rates with their low-pressure technology.
  • SATAjet X 5500 HVLP paint sprayer has an I spray pattern. Parallel spray fan with minimal dry zone (and drier center). It is ideal for painters who prefer reduced application speed (improved control).

What's new about the SATAjet X 5500?

The SATAjet X 5500 is the latest SATA paint spray gun for highest demands. With the X nozzle system, painters are able to cope with all paint systems and application recommendations. In addition, the whispering nozzle noticeably reduces the noise level and gives bodyshops a softer, more pleasant painting feeling - all this with reduced material consumption.

X-nozzle system

The atomization of the X nozzles sets new standards. Constant fan size across the entire nozzle spectrum with linear increases of the material flow rate.

Whispering nozzle

Noticeably quieter: Whispering nozzle due to optimised flow geometry.

Improved paint distribution

Optimised material distribution for enhanced spraying uniformity and atomisation with both spray fan shapes.

Low maintenance

No air distribution insert required.

SATAjet X 5500 HVLP I - in any nozzle

SATAjet 5500 HVLP Spray Gun with nozzle I, is available in the openings below. Not sure which spray nozzle you need? Always check the technical data sheet of the paint. You can also download the SATA app from the Appstore or Googleplay.

  • 1,1mm (basecoat)
  • 1,2mm (basecoat)
  • 1,3mm (2-component and water-based paint)
  • 1,4mm (2-component and water-based paint)
  • 1,5mm (2-component and water-based paint)

Features SATAjet X 5500 HVLP - type I

  • Suitable for water-based and acryl-based paint
  • Equipped with HVLP cap - extra economical
  • Available in any nozzle
  • Comes with SATA warranty
  • With multifunctional cup

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