UPOL System 20 S2002 Slow Degreaser 5L+ Starchem Premium Crows Foot Solvent Wipe

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UPOL System 20 S2002 Slow Degreaser 5L
Anti-static and anti-silicone panel wipe with aggressive degreasing action to remove contaminants such as wax, grease and silicones.
It is suitable for use on bare metal and existing paint surfaces prior to any painting operation.
Two speeds available with fast evaporation ideal for localised panel repairs and slow degreaser for larger repairs.
  • Does not attack existing paint films
  • Effectively removes contaminants and static
  • Compatible with most paint system


STARCHEM Premium CFSW Crows Foot Solvent Wipe / Cloth Roll

Blue Crows Foot Solvent Wipe/Cloth Roll – Body Shop Crowsfoot Dispenser Box
Supplied as a large roll of extra thick, durable wipes in a centre feed box
Has a crows foot design and is suitable for preparation of panels prior to refinishing
Length 78m x 28cm
300 sheets per box

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